Gieves & Hawkes' Reputation:

Our aim is to maintain the highest standards, from the hand-crafted quality of the tailoring, the individual cut and fit, to the timeless style and design.

It is the unique relationship between our customers, cutters and tailors that drives our craft forward, and from which our reputation has been built. This consistency is achieved by the passing down of knowledge from our experienced tailors in our workshop and constantly perfecting the process of bespoke tailoring while being alert to the requirements and wishes of our customers.

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Collaboration and Experience:

The bespoke department is situated in-house at our flagship shop at No.1 Savile Row. Customers are met by their cutter, who’ll guide them through cloth choices, design of garments and take measurements.

Our collections of cloth range from luxurious cashmeres for overcoats to the lightest breathable wools for warmer climates, alongside a growing range of more rugged but soft linens, jersey, and cottons for the more versatile contemporary garments.

The cutter will then create a personal paper pattern by hand, from which the cloth will be struck. This is passed on to the tailor who’ll start to construct the garments with the required fittings needed to complete the first commission. The pattern is updated after each fitting to ensure accuracy; it also means that subsequent orders will require fewer fittings.

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Attention to Details and Heritage:

To maintain the consistency of this process, the garments are made in the workshop at No.1 Savile Row. The cutters, tailors, and finishers all work closely together as each specialised skill in creating a bespoke garment is intimately related.

From the measuring of the body, the design of a garment, how the pattern is created, to choices of cloth and construction. The tailor will mould and sculpt the cloth by shrinking, stretching, using multiple sewing techniques to create a unique three-dimensional garment, which is finished by an expert hand with the smallest most delicate but durable silk thread hand finishing.

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Technical and Creative:

Our house style is respectful of tradition but not frightened to innovate. With an ambition to be both technical and creative. Staying true to the hand-crafted roots of bespoke tailoring, with an eye that is firmly fixed on what is modern and relevant to our varied, international, and very knowledgeable customers.

The bespoke suit still holds its position as the core of our wardrobe; for it to remain relevant, versatile, and functional it will continue to evolve, as it has done throughout our history.

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International Itinerary:

The Gieves & Hawkes Bespoke cutting team have regular international trips to see customers for fittings and new orders.

We travel to Los Angeles and New York City in February, June, and October; and to Abu Dhabi and Dubai in May, September, and December.


Head Cutter Davide Taub and Senior Cutter Eithen Sweet will be visiting Dubai and Abu Dhabi for bespoke appointments on the following days:

Dubai: Monday 13th May & Tuesday 14th May at The Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Finance Centre

Abu Dhabi: Tuesday 14th early evening & Wednesday 15th May at The Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi at Al Maryah Island.

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